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Mold Invades Sioux
Falls Veterans
Affairs’ Building

Mold Invades Sioux Falls Veterans Affairs’ Building

Mold can be anywhere even in highly-maintained buildings. Like what happened to Sioux Falls Veterans Affairs’ building, mold had invaded. And so for their own sake, employees asked to have it eradicated.

Though it appears harmless, mold actually poses several health threats. Especially for people with breathing problems, contact with molds can worsen their illnesses.

Last 2009, Veterans Affairs officials hired a contractor to get rid of the molds in the building. However, employees still complained of poor indoor air quality. And after an air quality study, it was proven that there is still mold in the building.

To increase the quality of air in the area and to protect the staff members from further mold health risks, officials decided to bid on a mold eradication project. Though the project is primarily to protect the employees, structurally, it will help the Veterans Affairs building look better as well.

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Veterans Affairs officials are making plans to eradicate mold from the agency’s administrative building in Sioux Falls, where employees have complained about poor indoor air quality for years.

The VA in June 2009 hired a contractor to clean the air handling and duct systems. An air quality study this past March still found moderate to heavy levels of brown and black molds in some areas, the Argus Leader reported.

Exposure to mold can cause upper respiratory problems in some people, especially those with breathing problems such as asthma, said Dr. Dan Heinemann, the chief medical officer for Sanford Health.

Mold infestation seems harmless. However, there are actually several risks that go with it. Those risks are most often in the aspect of health. Even financially and structurally though, it also has several negative effects.

Mold removal is the only way to avoid completely the risks of mold. And to get it done by yourself, there are mold remediation products on the market. The problem is that most that you can purchase are made of chemical ingredients.

Nonetheless, there are also some mold removal products made of biodegradable ingredients. You need to choose those eco-friendly solutions instead of their chemical-based counterparts. The reason is that they are basically safer for humans and even for the environment.