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Black Mold Forced
Tenants To Leave
Their Apartments

Black Mold Forced Tenants To Leave Their Apartments

Black mold can cause problems at home. That’s given. For some who live in a house-turned-apartment in Harve de Grace though, the mold has brought them more than just the usual problems. It had cost them their residence.

Way before the eviction, tenants of one apartment in Maryland complained to their landlord about the growth of black mold in the structure. They had said that the fungi’s invasion together with other problems such as broken ceiling tiles has made the apartment a nightmare of a place to live.

The landlord was warned and fined by the city government. Nonetheless, about the mold, he did nothing. He called the sheriff’s department to spill the beans about it though, who also called building inspectors to address the problem.

And before the tenants knew it, the building is already condemned. The inspectors saw the black mold and an eviction notice was released. Now, in addition to possible mold-related diseases, residents also have to look for new apartments immediately or face homelessness.

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They complained of black mold, broken ceiling tiles, and other things that tenants say made their apartment homes a nightmare.

Now they face a much bigger nightmare: eviction.

The residents renting space in a Havre de Grace house turned apartment building say they complained to their landlord about the deplorable conditions. They say the city warned and fined him, but he never did anything about it.

Mold growth can cause several home problems from health to the structure itself. Exposure to mold spores can cause allergies, and even breathing problems. On the other hand, mold invasion can weaken and eat away walls, ceilings, floors, and other parts of a house.

To prevent a mold invasion, homes must be kept dry as often as possible as moisture promotes the fungi’s growth. In the case that mold growth has already started, at the first sign detected, action must be taken. That action basically refers to mold remediation. And for mold remediation to take effect and be safe, a green mold removal product is what you needed.

There are many mold remediation solutions on the market. Molderizer is one of the green mold removal products that can make the treatment effective as well as safe. It is made of organic ingredients hence its use of it keeps you and your family away from harmful chemical exposure.