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Mark Lopez

Certified Mold Inspector


(877) 621-5990

Mold Certification Badge
Mark Lopez, Based In Michigan, Is A Mold Inspector And Remediation Expert With An Impressive 16-Year Track Record. Known For His Attention To Detail And Thorough Understanding Of Mold-Related Problems, Mark Provides Science-Based Solutions For Both Residential And Commercial Properties. His Writings Aim To Educate Readers About The Intricacies Of Mold Problems And Their Effective Remediation.

Mark Lopez

Mark Lopez, based in Michigan, is a mold inspector and remediation expert with an impressive 16-year track record. Known for his attention to detail and thorough understanding of mold-related problems, Mark provides science-based solutions for both residential and commercial properties. His writings aim to educate readers about the intricacies of mold problems and their effective remediation.