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Kimberly Campbell

Certified Mold Inspector


(877) 621-5990

Mold Certification Badge
Kimberly Campbell, A Colorado-Based Certified Mold Remediation Expert, Has A Strong Professional Record Spanning 10 Years. Kimberly'S Expertise In Microbial Sciences, Coupled With Her On-The-Job Experience, Has Made Her A Respected Authority In The Industry. Her Articles Are Designed To Empower Readers, Offering Valuable Insights Into Mold Prevention, Identification, And Remediation.

Kimberly Campbell

Kimberly Campbell, a Colorado-based certified mold remediation expert, has a strong professional record spanning 10 years. Kimberly’s expertise in microbial sciences, coupled with her on-the-job experience, has made her a respected authority in the industry. Her articles are designed to empower readers, offering valuable insights into mold prevention, identification, and remediation.