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Kelly Murphy

Certified Mold Inspector


(877) 621-5990

Mold Certification Badge
Kelly Murphy, A Seasoned Mold Remediation Professional From Arkansas, Has Spent 16 Years Combatting Indoor Air Quality Issues. Her Extensive Knowledge Of Mold Dynamics And Remediation Techniques, Paired With Her Passion For Maintaining Healthy Environments, Are Apparent In Her Work. Kelly'S Articles Provide Readers With A Wealth Of Practical Information And Advice Drawn From Her Professional Experience.

Kelly Murphy

Kelly Murphy, a seasoned mold remediation professional from Arkansas, has spent 16 years combatting indoor air quality issues. Her extensive knowledge of mold dynamics and remediation techniques, paired with her passion for maintaining healthy environments, are apparent in her work. Kelly’s articles provide readers with a wealth of practical information and advice drawn from her professional experience.