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Emily Thompson

Certified Mold Inspector


(877) 621-5990

Mold Certification Badge
Emily Thompson, A Certified Mold Remediation Expert Based In California, Boasts An Impressive Career Of Over 15 Years. Emily'S Extensive Hands-On Experience, Combined With Her Academic Knowledge In Microbial Sciences, Positions Her As A Respected Figure In The Mold Remediation Industry. Her Articles Aim To Educate The Public And Professionals Alike, Offering Valuable Insights Into Prevention, Identification, And Remediation Of Mold Issues.

Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson, a certified mold remediation expert based in California, boasts an impressive career of over 15 years. Emily’s extensive hands-on experience, combined with her academic knowledge in microbial sciences, positions her as a respected figure in the mold remediation industry. Her articles aim to educate the public and professionals alike, offering valuable insights into prevention, identification, and remediation of mold issues.