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Benjamin Rodriguez

Certified Mold Inspector


(877) 621-5990

Mold Certification Badge
Hailing From The Great State Of Texas, Benjamin Rodriguez Is A Revered Certified Mold Inspector (Cmi). His Impressive Track Record, Consisting Of 12 Years Of Professional Experience In Both Residential And Commercial Mold Investigations, Sets Him Apart In The Field. Benjamin'S Expertise Extends To Identifying The Root Causes Of Mold Growth And Devising Effective Remediation Strategies. His Comprehensive Understanding Of Building Science Helps Him To Find Solutions That Are Both Effective And Economically Feasible. His Dedication And Competence Are Evident In The Countless Successful Projects He'S Managed.

Benjamin Rodriguez

Hailing from the great state of Texas, Benjamin Rodriguez is a revered Certified Mold Inspector (CMI). His impressive track record, consisting of 12 years of professional experience in both residential and commercial mold investigations, sets him apart in the field. Benjamin’s expertise extends to identifying the root causes of mold growth and devising effective remediation strategies. His comprehensive understanding of building science helps him to find solutions that are both effective and economically feasible. His dedication and competence are evident in the countless successful projects he’s managed.